Business & Advertising

We will present your company in unique and beautiful way that will attract new customers and make existing ones to be proud of working with you. Our team is highly skilled in making an eye-catching product that will help your company double revenue.

Car, truck or van wrap design 200,000 rwf 
Print flyer design 80,000 rwf
Brochure 60,000 rwf 
Billboard design 100,000 rwf

Postcard design 40,000 rwf 
Tradeshow banner and booth design 150,000 rwf
Infographic design 100,000 rwf 
Sticker design 70,000 rwf

Catalog 70,000 rwf 
Poster design 50,000 rwf
Leaflet design 50,000 rwf 
Menu design 70,000 rwf

Package ( including all design work and artwork listed above or even extra) 500,000 rwf

Brand & Identity

Make your office an inspiring place for employees and your customers. We will help you to adorn your office and design the tools you need to increase your revenue.

Logo design 150,000 rwf
Envelope design 30,000 rwf
Business Card design 40,000 rwf

Character & mascot design 100,000 rwf
Letterhead design 50,000 rwf

Website & APP

We will help you organize your company information and present them on website so that your customers can easily find what they want to know about you. Our artistic mind will deliver great look for your website.

App icon or button design 110,000 rwf 

Banner ad design 90,000 rwf 

Package (including all design work and artwork listed above or even extra or less for unrelated design) 400,000 rwf

Illustration and Art

We have artistic mindset, that’s why everything we do, we pay attention to the details. We will create a piece of art which is unique and astonishing.

Card design or invitation design 150,000 rwf
Illustrations & graphics 20,000 rwf per illustration
Character design& mascot design 200,000 rwf 

Book cover art 10,000 rwf
Storyboard 90,000 rwf per pg

Product Design

Book cover design 50,000 rwf
Label design 200,000 rwf
Calender design 170,000 rwf 

CD cover 10,000 rwf
Magazine design 200,000 rwf
Mobile cover design 25,000 rwf

Clothing & Apparel

T-shirt design 10,000 rwf
Bag & tote design 20,000 rwf

Hat & cap design 20,000 rwf
Personalized cup/mug 15,000 rwf

Popular Packages

Brand Identity
Logo and essentials to establish your brand

  • Business card design
  • Envelope design
  • Letterhead design
  • Logo design
  • Stationery design
  • Brochure design

Price: 400,000rwf

Giveaway Promotional Materials

  • Brochure design
  • Poster design
  • Flyer design
  • T-shirt design
  • Calendar design

Price: 250,000rwf

Social Media Package
Enhance your social media to establish your brand

  • Facebook cover design
  • Twitter header design
  • Layouts design

Price: 100,000rwf

Logo Design

  • A professional quality logo

Price: 150,000rwf

Logo and Business Card

  • Logo design
  • Business card design

Price: 200,000rwf